Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Homeowners and commercial property owners in the Bel Air metro area know that the air ducts in their homes and businesses can be a major source of air quality problems. Contaminants and debris accumulate in the ductwork that circulates indoor air, and contribute to poor air quality that can be as much as 70% worse than the air outdoors. Our Maryland climate contributes to the problem, by forcing us to tightly close up our homes and businesses to conserve energy and get the most from our heating and cooling budget. Keeping air ducts and associated equipment clean and free of contaminants requires professional duct cleaning, done by trained, qualified technicians using the proper equipment and techniques.

Bel Air Duct Cleaning was started almost one decades ago by UniKlean to provide our customers with high-quality duct cleaning and other cleaning services. As a leader in Furnace and Air Conditioning sales and service in Bel Air, we knew that only well-trained professional technicians could clean ductwork properly and economically. Our thousands of customers depend on Bel Air Duct Cleaning to provide the same expertise and experience that has built our  A+ reputation in Bel Air Duct Cleaning.

Why Every Air Duct & Vent System Needs Regular Cleaning in Bel Air

Your furnace and central air conditioning system’s air duct system circulates air throughout your home or building. As it does, it also circulates the dust, fibers, and other contaminants that exist in every home or business. Some of that contamination settles inside the ducts and accumulates; forming a growing layer that continually redistributes the contamination through the building. Some of the contaminants found in your air ducts include:

  • Dust – Made up of tiny fibers and other particles, dust makes up the bulk of air duct and vent accumulation. As it recirculates in your home or business, it contributes to allergies, respiratory problems, and makes cleaning and dusting a constant chore.
  • Animal Dander – If you have pets, they shed microscopic particles of skin and fur constantly. This debris circulates in your home, and is a potent trigger for allergies and other problems.
  • Dust Mites – Tiny creatures, they feed on human skin flakes and pet dander, and often infest air ducts and vents. Their droppings become part of the dust in your home, causing allergic reactions for many people.
  • Molds, Viruses & Bacteria – In our humid summer climate, biological contaminants find an ideal environment to grow in our air ducts and vents. The longer air ducts remain uncleaned, the more opportunity for these contaminants to thrive and pose health risks.
  • Odors – From cooking odors and smoking odors to pet odors and odors from many other causes, air ducts trap these odors and circulate them in your home.

Choose the Best Air Duct & Vent Cleaner in Bel Air MD

When it’s time to choose a Maryland company to clean your air ducts and vents, you have many options. Some duct cleaning companies are just a web site and a telephone. When you schedule a cleaning, they pass your order on to independent workers who then come to your home. Who arrives depends on who is available. In other cases, companies that do other home services, like carpet cleaning, advertise duct cleaning. For them, it’s just a sideline – a way to make a little more money. You may also see offers for duct cleaning at unbelievably low prices, but once the service van arrives, you get a lot of pressure to pay for additional services at extra cost.

At Bel Air Duct Cleaning, our duct cleaning technicians are highly and continuously trained, employed by us, and do duct cleaning  cleaning services. Our well-equipped vans are dedicated to the job and equipped with the powerful, state-of-the-art tools needed to do the job right. We offer three levels of duct cleaning services, along with cleaning services for other systems, and our prices are all-inclusive, and often include additional free services. We’ll never give you a high-pressure sales pitch – just great duct cleaning and other services, done efficiently and properly every time.

Bel Air Duct Cleaning – Your Best Choice in Maryland HVAC Cleaning Services

We hope you’ll explore our web site to learn more about air duct cleaning and our other services. We believe that when you do, you’ll see why choosing us for these services is your best option. At Bel Air Duct Cleaning, we bring you the best-trained, best-equipped technicians, backed by the legendary reputation of our parent company, Residential Heating and Air Conditioning. We serve the entire Bel Air metro area. Contact us soon to schedule any of our services. Let us show you why we’re the Bel Air most trusted leader in air duct and other HVAC cleaning services.

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